The Roundtable on the Future of Justice Policy

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(Pictured L to R: Lorraine Taylor, Jeremy Travis, and Robert Brown at the inaugural convening of The Roundtable in October 2018)


The Roundtable on the Future of Justice Policy is a series of public, live-streamed forums that bring together a cross-section of leaders, community members, academics, and other experts to consider discussion papers authored by leading researchers. They are designed to spark transformational thinking about what we can expect for our communities and our justice system. Building on research, entrepreneurial practices, and real-work expertise in communities, the Roundtable will showcase work from the very local to the global, creating a public record for learning and sharing information about what a new “square one” might look like.

Our next Roundtable is happening on March 28th through March 30th, 2019 in Oakland, California. See our agenda and participants list here.

The first Roundtable took place in October 2018. Below you can find a full list of materials and information:

Participant List
Full transcripts
Papers published from the Roundtable

Read more About the first roundtable and see photos here.

The Square one roundtable on the future of justice policy is made possible by: